Possessed Villagers are Villagers who have been possessed by a Possessor Ghost. Possessed Villagers appear to have a purple hue and white eyes, along with an angry frown. They hover above the ground and have no walking animation.

Tobin's Spirit Guide descriptionEditEdit


Class 7 Possessor Host

Ghost [must trap]

Possessed Humans are innocent bystanders possessed and controlled by Possessor Ghosts. Slime Blower will drive Possessor Ghosts out of their human victims but beware, its lingering PK resonance is not enough to prevent Possessors from repossessing anyone already slimed.

Weakness: Slime

Spectral Health: 5


Collide [1 heart]

Projectile (throws white energy orbs) [0.5 hearts]


Alternate FormsEditEdit



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