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Possessor In Front Of A Green Screen

Possessors have a 30% chance of spawning in villages in packs of 1-6. There attacks aren't very strong, but they can possess villagers, making them fight you, dealing much more damage.

Tobin's Spirit Guide descriptionEdit

Possessor Ghost

Class 7 roaming possessor

Ghost [must trap]

Certain ghosts lack the ability to levitate and animate matter remotely and instead choose to enter objects in question and move them about manually. While this may at first seem like a lesser ability than remote manipulation, some apparitions control their targets with a much higher degree of fidelity. Possessors can possess human beings, taking control of their muscular system for their own ends.

Weakness: Proton Stream

Spectral Health: 7


Possess Bystanders (no hearts)

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