Proton pack
Proton pack item
Proton Pack Item
Some attributes
First Type: Weapons
Second Stackable: No
Third Unknown
Other attributes

The Proton Pack is a crutual item used for catching ghosts


If you have the Proton Pack item in your inventory, right ckick with it in your hand and it will play the Proton_Charging sound, and the proton pack will be on your back. The proton pack item in your inventory will be replaced with a Neutrona Wand .


  • When the proton pack is on your back, shoulder straps are placed around your shoulders.
  • If you press Q while holding the Neutrona Wand , you'll throw the Proton Pack instead.
  • If you change what you have in your hand, the proton pack will still be on your back.


Crafting proton pack

1 stick

6 iron ingots

2 redstone