blowing slime from Ghostbusters: the video game

Slime Blower
Slime blower item
Some attributes
First Type: Weapons
Second Stackable: No
Third Unknown
Other attributes
The slime blower is a ghostbusting tool


Left click to spray out green, positively charged ectoplasm (aka, slime). If you shoot slime at Black Slime, the Black Slime will fade away. If a black slime portal opens up, blow slime on the portal to close it. Finaly, if you slime a possessed entity, the ghost will be forced out.

Right click in the air with the slime blower, and text will appear at the top of the screen waying "Proton Stream". You can right click again to switch back to slime.


  • Where the slime and the Slime Blower meet, particles will fly out. This is similar to the Proton Stream, but these particles are green and slightly bigger.
  • If you slime any solid object, it will have a green-ish hue to it. The hue will disipate after 30 seconds.


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