Slimer is a green ghost from pretty much all of the Ghostbusters franchise. He has a 40% chance of spawning in a swamp, plains, and jungle biomes. He is hostile but can be tamed (as a nod to The Real Ghostbusters). If he sees a chest containing food, he will open the chest and eat the food inside.

Tobin's Spirit Guide descriptionEdit


Class 3 full-roaming vapor

Ghost [must trap]

Slimer is a translucent green mass of a ghost, with two skinny arms, no feet, several chins, and a massive butt. Slimer’s personality is one of tremendous gluttony, being referred to as a “disgusting blob”, and exists only to eat food [or to create mischief]. The only downside to this is that the food passes right through him, which is most likely why he's perpetually stuffing himself.

Weakness: Proton Stream

Spectral Health: 5


Slime [1 heart]

Projectile (throws raw chicken) [0.5 hearts]


Slimer can be tamed with a peice of cooked/raw chicken. When tamed, his skin will change to Slimer_Tamed.png, and he will follow and fight for you. Unlike wolves, he will also fight creepers. (The creepers won't explode)


Alternate FormsEdit


  • This is the only ghost that can sabotage chests besides it's alternate form, Diamond Slimer.